Classic matches

Looking for a quick ‘wow’? Certain foods are known to pair well with certain wines and I can guarantee if you experiment with these with your mates they will love it.

But first, why bother to match?

Ever drunk orange juice straight after brushing your teeth? Try it – the minty toothpaste instantly robs the juice of its natural fruity sweetness making it taste bitter and more acidic. Eating the wrong type of food for a particular wine can do a similar thing – it can make the wine taste horribly sharp and bitter. But get the match right and you can find yourself glugging down a wine that tastes even more heavenly than before you began eating, as if the food has improved it and brought out more flavour.

If you are looking for a sure way to experience this, here are some classic food and wine combinations I like to treat myself and a few friends to every now and again…